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Leadership Gets You on Stage


Down in fairfield at the marriott explaining the coffee opportunity to a conference room of go getters!  I was chosen by the 1st diamond on the west coast to share the amazing information and opportunity of Organo Gold.

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Truly Blessed & Amazed – Million Dollar Tip

I was on the phone with a gentleman who makes about a million dollars a month for over an hour coaching me and my business so that I can pass it on to the others who are part of our team – BLESSED. I am AMAZED at just how differently millionaires THINK compared to those that make a six figure income and even more so to those making a five figure income.

“Changing family’s financial futures…one cup of coffee at time!”

“Words are Very Powerful”


I attract knowledgeable and more experienced people who are willing and available to invest their time, treasure, and wisdom to advise and enlighten me regarding changes necessary in my planning to bring about my desired results.

“Changing family’s financial futures…one cup of coffee at a time!”

The Little Things Do Matter Most

It is important to consistently do the LITTLE THINGS…don’t try to spend 45 minutes a day with the Lord….start out by spending the first 5 minutes of your day…from there you will create a habit and the 5 will turn into 10, then 15, etc. Same goes for – working out, reading self improvement books, goals each day, etc.

“Changing family’s financial futures…one cup of coffee at a time!”

Go Getters Are A Special Breed



They are a special breed. One of a kind! They don’t care what other people think because other people don’t pay their bills. They have open minds and don’t judge opportunity by past paradymes…

Great thing is that it is only a choice away – CHOOSE to be a GO-GETTER!!

“Changing family’s financial futures…one cup of coffee at a time!”

Truth About Self-Improvement & Reading Books


Where you are in life is directly related to the books you read and the five people you spend the most time with.  Once you are aware of this, you will be very careful on who gets your time.  It is important…that is if you want to be the best you can be.

“Changing family’s financial futures…one cup of coffee at a time!”

Truths About Success People to Consider


Successful people are COACHABLE. Successful people have an eagerness to LEARN. They LISTEN, rather than hear. Broke people know everything.  Broke people do all the talking.  Broke people love to share how smart they are.  They give the reasons why it won’t work.

“Changing family’s financial futures…one cup of coffee at a time!”

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